How we dealing with Covid-19 at Kai Thai

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How we dealing with coronavirus

The world is battling a new pandemic, and we too, of course, are faced with how best to approach precautions and best practices. Here is how we’re dealing with the repercussions of the Coronavirus at our wellness spas across the country.

Please note: Due to so much fake news and misinformation around Covid-19, we are making sure that we take this situation very seriously and that all the information we share is factual and true.

All our wellness centres across the country are doing the following safety measures: All our therapists are wearing facemasks, disinfecting hands, skin, and surfaces. This is not something that is new to us, our spas are already kept clean at a high standard, but feel confident that we are going the extra mile for our customers.

In addition to the standard between-client cleaning tasks, such as providing fresh linens and blankets, wiping your table and appropriate tools, the following areas should also be included in your sanitizing procedures:

  • all massage therapists wash hands before and after every client and use hand sanitizer
  • reception desk
  • credit card machines, computer keyboards, telephone, and all pens
  • door handles – both inside and on the outside, so our customers touch a clean surface on entering and exiting
  • common area surfaces, racks, and shelves
  • chairs and all seating areas
  • employee lockers
  • all product containers
  • massage stool
  • all light switches

Be safe. Stay informed. We hope to see you soon for a relaxing treatment at our wellness centres.